Case Studies

Namescape’s Customer Success Stories

Company: Benco Dental the largest privately owned, full-service dental distributor in the United States, has more than 30,000 customers and 1,200 associates in all 50 states.

Challenge: In the process of migrating from a mixed infrastructure environment to a Microsoft platform, Benco wanted to implement as many web-enabled and self-help services as possible.

Users were calling their Help Desk because they couldn’t remember what their password was…so they couldn’t change it. Password resets were the top five to 10 calls the Help Desk was getting on a daily basis.

Solution: myPassword and joBot gives Benco the ability to ask password reset challenge/response questions and send a password reminder email generated from joBot. After implementing this powerful combination, Benco saw a significant decrease in their Help Desk password reset traffic, which reduced their call burden for IT. >>Read More

Company: Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated, Tampa, FL (headquarters); a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing arena.

Challenge: Efficiently manage thousands of user passwords and password complexity requirements – globally – while decreasing traffic to their Help Center and keeping their agents online and productive.

Solution: myPassword gives their users a quick way to reset their passwords without going through the Help Center… and without even having to leave their seat… so agents can stay online and avoid time-consuming password lockouts.

SYKES also uses myPassword's vouching feature, which lets supervisors easily vouch for employees who forget their passwords. Managers can authorize a new password reset on behalf of their employees.  >>Read more about how SYKES is keeping their employees online and productive with myPassword.

Company: Starting a small medical practice out of a home in the 1960s, Central Utah Clinic has now grown to be Utah’s largest independent physician group, comprised of more than 123 physicians who offer care in 21 specialties in multiple locations throughout Utah.

Challenge: The clinic's IT department needed to clean up Active Directory and ensure that the data was current and accurate. They were also planning to update and 8-year-old intranet site, but that project continued to be pushed out as other, more critical efforts took priority. In addition, the clinic utilizes several internal web applications, such as employee wellness program, webmail, remote support software and a Help Desk solution, each of which operated on disparate systems with their own web consoles.

Solution: IT discovered that rDirectory could serve as the framework for hosting, organizing and controlling access to their intranet and other internal web applications. Role-based access controls allowed IT to assign appropriate permissions to different user types, so only the data and applications that are relevant to the user are available for them to view or modify. Granting rights to managers and supervisors to add or remove users from selected groups has significantly reduced Help Desk calls.  >>More about how Central Utah Clinic used rDirectory…

Company: An Independent Boarding and Day School in the greater Boston area has a faculty and staff of 200, and a student population that consists of 800 resident and 300 day students ranging from grades 9 -12.

Challenge: Due to the mobile nature of the campus population, hours spent across multiple departments trying to clean up and maintain the information in the school’s data sources was time consuming and inefficient for this private boarding school. Creating and printing student rosters was a challenge and were sometimes not published for more than a month after the beginning of a term.

Solution: rDirectory’s secure and flexible data integrity and provisioning features let the school’s IT staff use roles, group membership and self-service editing to distribute the maintenance of its Active Directory data to students, faculty and staff.  >>More about the impressive results from rDirectory…

Company: Cushman & Wakefield is the world’s largest privately held commercial real estate services firm and has 230 offices in 48 countries, and more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

Challenge: After implementing ITIL practices, C&W needed to securely delegate permissions to first line staff in order to de-centralize new user account creation and provisioning.

Solution: rDirectory’s Enterprise Edition solution allowed C&W’s IT management to delegate tasks to local IT departments without granting additional rights. Data integrity controls ensured that data was entered accurately, and audit logs and email notifications tracked who created accounts and when.  >>More about how rDirectory provided the customized solution C&W needed…

Company: Founded in 1891, Albuquerque Public Schools is the largest of 89 public school districts in New Mexico. The district is divided into 12 clusters that are comprised of 136 schools, 90,000 students, 14,000 employees, 6,500 teachers and 2,000 paraprofessionals.

Challenge: The IT department found it was spending critical resources to compile accurate and timely employee contact and Human Resources (HR) information.

Solution: rDirectory provided the right Active Directory tools to facilitate new account creation, bringing immediate relief to the Help Desk staff and improving HR’s on-boarding processes for newly hired employees.  >>More about rDirectory’s provisioning capabilities for user accounts, Exchange mailboxes and home folders…

Company: This Global Manufacturing Company with its network of sales units, manufacturing facilities, technological resources and customized services, depends on the accuracy of the data in Active Directory so employees around the world can work together as one, unified company.

Challenge: Ensuring the integrity of Active Directory data had become virtually impossible, with administrators in various countries entering information in different languages, using special characters and unique abbreviations, or simply not completing required profile information.

Solution: rDirectory brought control to the company data by enforcing the uniformity and accuracy of new user account information, while delegating creation and editing privileges to Human Resources and IT, and self-service editing rights to users.  >>More about how rDirectory securely streamlined this company’s onboarding process…

Company: A Southern University internationally recognized for its undergraduate and graduate academics has eight campuses, more than 28,000 students, and more than 6,000 faculty and staff members.

Challenge: IT Help Desk staff was overloaded with calls from library staff requesting temporary guest accounts. The volume of calls was decreasing productivity and frustrating users who were encountering wait times of up to 15 minutes for a new account.

Solution: The rDirectory solution ultimately reduced Help Desk costs by more than $15,000 per year, using a template for guest user accounts that expired automatically and specified exactly which user attributes were available. Leveraging existing permissions in Active Directory allowed library staff to create temporary guest accounts without administrative rights.  >>More about how rDirectory increased productivity and reduced Help Desk calls…

Company: The Christian Academy of Louisville was founded in 1976 and serves almost 3,000 students from preschool - 12th grade on four campuses in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Challenge: Increase teacher/student productivity by reducing the downtime and disruptions caused when students could not logon to the network due to a forgotten or mistyped password.

Solution: myPassword allows the educators to vouch for a student and reset a password right away, without requiring additional technical knowledge or user rights. myPassword dramatically reduced Help Desk calls and student downtime, delivering an immediate and measurable ROI directly to the Academy, students and parents.  >>More about how myPassword delivered an immediate and measurable ROI to the Academy, students and parents…