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How do you enforce password policies in Active Directory?
Password Policy Guardian strengthens your network’s security with even tighter user authentication.

Why Password Policy Guardian?
  • Enforce your password policies whenever a user changes their password
  • Configurable policies let you specify password filter rules far beyond the standard Microsoft password complexity settings
  • Provides the flexibility to apply your policies to locations, groups and individual users
  • Allows you to create and apply an unlimited number of password policies
  • View and test resultant policy settings for any individual user
  • Includes a restricted word list, and allows you to create your own dictionary by importing a delimited text file


The perfect combination – myPassword and Password Policy Guardian

When implemented with Namescape’s myPassword and rDirectory, users receive an immediate explanation of why a password does not meet the applicable complexity policies, so they can create strong passwords – every time - without Help Desk assistance.

Configuration Options
  • Settings
  • Complexity
  • Special
  • Groups, Users and Locations
  • Policy Results
  • Test

Specify an unlimited number of password policies

Rejects passwords that do not contain your distinct character sets

Displays the options for rules that result in a password being rejected

Apply (or exclude) password policies from selected users, groups or locations

Displays the resultant set of policies that apply to a selected user

Select a user, simulate password reset and test the user against any policy – including Windows policies