Partner Program

As the leading provider of Active Directory management solutions, Namescape is able to provide customers with applications that leverage the Active Directory family of technologies and integrate with other IT initiatives.

Namescape is proud to be a Microsoft Network member – an interactive community of experts that work to provide customers with the best possible innovative solutions and resources.

In addition, we partner with leading integrators and service providers who are experts in Active Directory solutions using leading-edge technology. Our Partner Program offers a variety of partnership opportunities in order to:

  • Form mutually profitable, long-term, customer-focused partnerships.
  • Provide customers with exceptional support, integration and implementation services.
  • Offer partners high value service and integration opportunities.
Namescape’s Partner Program Opportunities:

  • Referral Partnerships
    Referral partners provide us with qualified leads and receive a percentage of the customer license fees.
  • Reseller Partnerships
    Reseller partners offer our products to customers and receive a percentage of the customer license and maintenance fees.
  • Service Partnerships
    Service partners provide design and integration services for Namescape products and receive qualified leads from us for customers requiring these services.
  • Technology Partnerships
    Technology partners integrate their technology with ours to provide added value for the customer and new markets for both Namescape and the partner.

For more information about becoming a Namescape partner, please contact us at